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Bringing a R107 Mercedes 560SL back to LIFE! Deep DETAILING & Dry Ice Cleaning

Bringing a R107 Mercedes 560SL back to LIFE! Deep DETAILING & Dry Ice Cleaning

You know we have a bit of a thing for restoring Mercedes 560SL, specifically the R107. This 560SL hardtop came in to be brought back to life and that’s exactly what it got! This thing got the works! We started with a full dry ice cleaning of the undercarriage, engine detailing, and wheel wells, moved on to a car wash, which it was in desperate need of. Then it was time to get to work!

We performed a full paint correction, including color sanding and two step polishing. We then moved on to the interior, cleaning the leather, polishing the interior wood grain, and deep cleaning the steering wheels and carpets. We got to work on the hard top, and finished with a full ceramic coating!
Safe to say there was no stone left unturned here!

Is this the best R107 Mercedes Benz 560SL we’ve done yet? Tell us what Mercedes we should do next in the comments.

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00:00 – Intro to Mercedes 560SL
00:11 – Dry Ice Cleaning
04:30 – Car Wash
05:44 – Disassembly
06:50 – Masking
07:03 – Paint Measurement
07:11 – Paint Correction
09:25 – Dent Removal
11:37: Dry Ice Some Dirty Spots
12:22 : Interior Detailing
16:31 – Cleaning Center Console
18:24 – Reassembly
18:50 – Ceramic Coating
19:58 – Final Product

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