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FIRST TRUE DETAILING Porsche 993 911 Turbo S // The Air-Cooled Legend

FIRST TRUE DETAILING Porsche 993 911 Turbo S // The Air-Cooled Legend

Starting in ’97, Porsche offered the 993 Turbo S, manufactured by the Porsche Exclusive department. We had this gorgeous 911 Turbo S in for paint correction, interior detailing, ppf stone-guard replacement, fresh paint on the wheels, and a thorough dry ice cleaning. This is quite an epic video, one of the longest single video’s we’ve ever done! So please like, subscribe, comment, and share with your friends if you enjoyed it!

The Turbo S featured a power boost up to 450hp with the help of a larger Triple K K-24 turbochargers, additional oil cooler, and a tweaked Motronic Engine Management System. It was also garnished with carbon fiber and additional leather interior accents.

You can always tell a turbo S by the yellow brake calipers, slightly larger wing, quad-pipe exhaust, and the added front spoiler with brake cooling ducts. Oh, and those luscious air scoops behind the doors.

This was the last of the air-cooled 911 Turbos. A true automotive icon.

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Dry Ice Cleaning Undercarriage
02:34 – Dry Ice Blasting Wheel Wells
03:05 – Dry Ice Cleaning Engine Bay
03:13 – Inspection & Parts Removal
04:06 – Washing Porsche 993 Turbo S
05:30 – Interior Detailing
09:52 – Prep for Detailing
10:22 – Turbo S Emblem Removal
11:11 – Paint Correction
12:47 – PPF Removal
14:10 – Paint Correction Continued
17:16 – Parts Detailing
19:18 – Reassembly
21:48 – New PPF Stoneguards
22:58 – Polishing Porsche Wheels
24:48 – Final Product

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