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First Wash in 20 Years: Land Rover Defender D90 – Full Package Detailing

First Wash in 20 Years: Land Rover Defender D90 – Full Package Detailing

Sounds like an epic project! This iconic Land Rover Defender D90 made its way to us for an intense deep cleaning, marking its first wash in a quarter-century. The black paint was in dire need of a polish, but before that, we kicked off with an immensely satisfying dry ice cleaning session! We blasted the undercarriage, engine bay, and wheel wells, setting the stage for a comprehensive wash, paint correction, and an extensive interior detailing.

We went all out on this one, capturing the process in a big video. We switched things up by featuring the dry ice towards the end for our savvy regular viewers. Sometimes, we tailor our approach to ensure the video showcases the best cleaning techniques, and this dry ice cleaning was monumental. If you enjoy immensely satisfying cleaning content, this might just be one of our most gratifying videos yet—the before and after shots of the paint correction are absolutely mind-blowing.

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00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Car Wash
02:35 – Masking
02:49 – Disassembly
03:24 – Paint Inspection
03:38 – Paint Correction
03:55 – First Before & After of Paint Correction
07:59 – Reassembly
10:19 – Interior Detailing
12:53 – Door Cleaning
15:36 – Dry Ice Cleaning
20:09 – After Dry Ice Cleaning
20:39 – Final Product

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