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From JUNK to SHOWROOM in 57hours! 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce 50+years old single stage paint!

From JUNK to SHOWROOM in 57hours! 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce 50+years old single stage paint!

One of my favorite projects I have done so far, and also, it’s probably the first one that I ever documented from the beginning like a video, not only pictures.

This amazing Alfa project started when my new client called me and asked if I could help him to make his 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV a little bit shinier. He immediately told me that the paint was in very bad condition with many burns from the sun and also a previous “detailer” probably, but he said that he loves every imperfection because that’s the story of the car.
So I drove to Beverly Hills to inspect the car and remember I told him that I can not do too much with paint like this and can’t promise anything.. only that I’ll do my best as always… well the result after 1 week work you can see in this video.

This client became a good friend of mine and brought me all his cars and many cars from his friends. Thank you, Noah!

Here are my client’s words: “Let me just say, Jakub spent 50+ hours on my car documenting the process every step of the way. He truly cares about the car, the customer, and the craftsmanship. When I took delivery of my car I was absolutely blown away. Paint correction is an understatement. Paint restoration is more like it! He is an artist! He brought life back to a car and respected the soul of the automobile. He preserved and highlighted 50 years of patina and history.”

We did:

Multi-step Paint Correction with parts removal
Partial Wet-sanding
Ceramic Coating

The total time we spent on this project was 57 hours.

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