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Pebble Beach Concours Winner –  Ferrari 410 Sport Spider Car Show Detailing

Pebble Beach Concours Winner – Ferrari 410 Sport Spider Car Show Detailing

The Ferrari 410 Sport Spyder is famously known for being the car Enzo Ferrari told Carroll Shelby was “the best car he ever built”. This classic 1955 Ferrari 410 S LWB Scaglietti Spyder won first place at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2022 in Class M-2, and we had the pleasure of detailing it in preparation for the world’s most prestigious car show.

We dry ice cleaned this 410 S Spyder, and I would go so far out on a limb to say we’re the only people to have ever dry ice blasted a Ferrari 410 Sport Spider. Big win for the cold jet there.

We also applied paint correction, detailed the engine bay, interior, cleaned and conditioned the seats, and polished all the chrome to get this 410 show-winner ready!

We will be changing our video format soon, filming the cars differently, with more education and interactivity to bring you guys better value through our videos.

We have about 100 cars in the video pipeline, so bear with us as we transition to a new style of shooting.

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00:00 – Sizzle
00:16 – Dry Ice Cleaning
00:36 – Ferrari 410 Sport Spider Exhaust
00:51 – Paint Correction
02:50 – Interior Detailing
03:25 – Parts Detailing
05:39 – Engine Bay Detailing
06:11 – Trunk Detailing
07:52 – Reassembly
08:39 – Final Product
09:58 – Ferraro 410 Sport Spider Cold Start

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