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Rare Ford Bronco Transformed! Like-New after Full Package Detailing, Laser and Dry Ice cleaning

Rare Ford Bronco Transformed! Like-New after Full Package Detailing, Laser and Dry Ice cleaning

We decided to flex our laser cleaning machine alongside dry ice blasting on this rare Ford Bronco in a full detailing package we completed recently. This two-tone 90s Bronco left transformed to like-new in our latest satisfying video for you. The laser cleaning machine handled the rust effortlessly and put this rare 1 of 6 Ford Bronco’s back in to prime shape, refinishing the undercoating with a military grade waxoyl coating to prevent further rust. Our SUV detailing setup is pretty dialed, and a lot of the overlanding / 4×4 style builds we’ve been detailing lately are borderline restorations. We’re stoked that our new space has allowed us more room for these styles of cars.

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Are you wanting to see more Laser Cleaning on a 4×4? Check out the video that’s currently going viral for us – a classic 4 Runner brought back to life: https://youtu.be/Gt_1Hjl0izY

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00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Dry Ice & Laser Cleaning
04:54 – Applying Waxoyl
05:56 – After Dry Ice & Laser Cleaning
08:23 – Masking
08:34 – Paint Correction
13:36 – Interior Detailing
17:42 – Sun Check
18:47 – Final Product

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