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RARE Porsche 996 C4s Cabriolet – Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction & Dry Ice Cleaning

RARE Porsche 996 C4s Cabriolet – Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction & Dry Ice Cleaning

A unique Porsche 996 Carrera 4s Cabriolet has arrived at our facility for a comprehensive treatment, which includes dry ice cleaning, paint correction, and the application of a ceramic coating. To begin the process, we utilized dry ice blasting on the trim of the Porsche 996 cabriolet, followed by a thorough car wash and meticulous detailing.

To provide long-lasting protection, we sealed the work with Mayvinci Oracle ceramic coating. As a final touch, we added new Porsche center caps and affixed the rear 996 C4s badge, ensuring this Porsche looks as good as new.

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00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Dry Ice Cleaning Porsche
01:37 – Porsche 911 Car Wash
02:20 – Porsche Paint Correction
02:50 – Porsche Badge Removal
03:48 – Paint Correction cont. & Wet Sanding
05:36 – Applying Ceramic Coating
06:10 – Interior Detailing
07:26 – Installing New OEM Porsche Gas Cap
07:39 – Protection Convertible Top
08:22 – Porsche Emblem Cleaning
08:33 – Porsche Center Cap Installation
09:07 – Tire Clear Coat Application
09:16 – Final Product
09:35 – Porsche 996 Carrera 4s Exhaust Sound
09:52 – Last Touch

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