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SPECIAL Porsche // Classic 911 Carrera Paint to Sample DETAILING

SPECIAL Porsche Classic 911 Carrera Paint to Sample DETAILING

We’ve got a very special Porsche Carrera on the channel today that was acquired from a member of the Porsche family – Gerd Porsche! This is a Paint To Sample car in Dunkel Green Metallic, and WOW it is gorgeous!

We had this beautiful G series Porsche 930 Carrera in for dry ice cleaning, wash, paint correction, and a deep interior detailing. This video is full of great before and after detailing shots, even thought the car came to us very well sorted in the first place.

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve had a Porsche on the channel.. did we convince you that we don’t only work on classic Porsches? LOL

We have some great cars in the pipeline: That e30 cabrio is ALMOST DONE and will be gracing the internet soon enough. We also have ANOTHER Ferrari f40, a 360, a 430 scuderia, a dino, ANOTHER testarossa… Big things afoot in the shop!

We also have a new sponsor that we’ll be announcing soon enough. Stay tuned!

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