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WHITE Porsche 993 C4S – Car Wash, Detailing, and PPF install

WHITE Porsche 993 C4S – Car Wash, Detailing, and PPF install

Welcome to our latest video featuring the stunning Porsche 993 C4S in white! In this video, we take you through the process of washing, repairing, and protecting this classic sports car.

First, we start with a thorough wash to remove any dirt and grime from the exterior. Using high-quality KochChemie soap, we carefully clean every inch of the body, including the wheels, tires, and hard-to-reach areas.

Next, we move on to repair any dents or scratches on the car. Using a combination of paintless dent repair techniques and traditional bodywork, we carefully massage out any imperfections and ensure the car’s body is smooth and flawless.

Once the car is free of any dents or scratches, we move on to correcting the paint. Using a multi-step process, we restore the car’s paint to a deep, glossy finish that looks like it just rolled off the factory floor.

Finally, we finish up by installing new paint protection film stone guards on the car. These clear, virtually invisible film guards protect the car’s paint from rock chips and other road debris, helping to maintain the car’s pristine condition for years to come.

Overall, this was a detailed and thorough process, but the end result is a Porsche 993 C4S that looks brand new and ready to hit the roads again. If you’re a fan of classic sports cars or just love seeing a car restoration process in action, be sure to give this video a watch!

00:00 – Sizzle
00:21 – Washing a Porsche 993 C4S
01:19 – Claying to remove paint contaminants
03:33 – Paintless Dent Removal
03:45 – Paint Correction
05:32 – PPF Stoneguard Removal
06:50 – Finishing Touches
08:34 – Stone Guard Replacement
10:09 – Final Product

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