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Our BIGGEST DETAILING EVER! Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda // PART 2

Our BIGGEST DETAILING EVER! Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda // PART 2

In the Part 2, we dived into the process of enhancing the paint, polishing the chrome, addressing rust issues, and conducting a comprehensive restoration of the Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda cabriolet. We spared no effort in this endeavor, going the extra mile to ensure the restoration was thorough. We essentially rejuvenated this classic Benz from the very core, starting from the frame and working our way up.

We genuinely appreciate your viewership. Thank you for watching!

00:00 – 280SL Breakdown
00:14 – Car Wash!
01:38 – Inspection
01:50 – Disassembly
02:04 – Chrome Polish
03:31 – Paint Correction
05:51 – Parts Detailing
06:33 – Rust Repair
06:41 – Dent Removal
06:48 – Window Restoration
06:57 – Hard Top Restoration
08:23 – More Parts Detailing
11:59 – Hubcap and Wheel Restoration
12:28 – Interior Detailing
14:40 – New Tires!
14:57 – Assembly
16:13 – White Wall Magic
16:39 – Windshield Wiper Install
16:56 – Cosmoline Plug Painting
17:11 – Touch Up Paint
17:19 – Final Scrub
17:54 – Clear Coating Wheels
18:15 – Final Results!

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